A Guide to Year-Round Fun in Kananaskis Country

A Guide to Year-Round Fun in Kananaskis Country

Are you heading out to Kananaskis Country for your next vacation? Don’t leave until you read this guide on the best things to do in this part of Alberta.

Are you looking for a great getaway?

The choices are endless when it comes to great spots around Canada to spend the day with nature. But few can beat the fun of Kananaskis Country.

Already one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Alberta, Kananaskis Country is a place where you can keep in touch with nature. Whether you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, exploring this area is an experience that you will never forget.

But what is it that makes it such a special spot? Keep reading to find out.

Walk the Blackshale Suspension Bridge

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the area is to take a walk on the Blackshale Suspension Bridge. The bridge is in the Kananaskis River Valley, providing magnificent views of Mount Rundle and Pigeon Mountain.

The bridge spans 25 meters and sways gently with each footstep, adding to the thrill of the walk. It also offers the perfect opportunity to take in views of the nearby mountains and canyons. Just be sure to dress in the appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure your safety.

Go Horseback Riding at Boundary Ranch

Go horseback riding at Boundary Ranch, and explore the beauty and serenity of the incredible place. The ranch offers a range of horseback riding trips for all levels of experience.

Beginners can take a tour of the ranch while more experienced riders can challenge themselves with more technical routes. Regardless of the type of horseback riding you choose, you can be sure of an amazing and memorable experience.

The horses are all specially trained and cared for by the experienced staff at the ranch. They will take you along breathtaking trails overlooking the Rocky Mountains. And you can also go on exciting excursions through stunning alpine meadows and meandering paths.

Hike Up the Windtower in Kananaskis country

One of the most popular hikes in Kananaskis Alberta during the summer is the Windtower. It is a moderate to difficult hike of 3.9 kilometers that takes about 3-4 hours to complete.

The trail is very scenic, with wildflowers and lupins in the summer, and stunning views of the valley and three mountain ranges. At the peak, you will be able to see the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide, and the British Columbia/Alberta border.

Drive the Smith Dorrien Highway

The Smith Dorrien Highway is a scenic 110-kilometer paved highway. It travels through the mountainous landscapes of the area. It offers a great glimpse of the alpine beauty of the Park.

Along the route, you will find numerous viewpoints, picnic sites, and spots for outdoor recreation. You can even stay at various Kananaskis hotels that you come across.

Play at the Kananaskis Golf Course in Kananaskis country

The Kananaskis Golf Course is a must-play for golfers visiting Kananaskis Country. The award-winning golf course caters to all ability levels and offers a variety of packages to choose from.

Visitors to Kananaskis can book tee times directly online or purchase one of the many hotel packages offered in the area. You can take advantage of a great staff, outstanding course conditions, and breathtaking scenery.

Bike the Highwood Pass

The Highwood Pass trail is the highest in elevation in the Canadian Rockies. It offers breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. The trail is generally accessible all year long and can be ridden as a one-way or loop route.

For those who want to go the extra mile, you can bike in either direction and stay overnight in the provincial park. With its diverse terrain, ranging from gentle ascents to technical challenges, the Pass is a great way to spend a day in Kananaskis.

Fish in Lower Kananaskis Lake

Fishing in Lower Kananaskis Lake is a popular activity for anglers and fishermen these days. The lake is stocked with cutthroat trout, but you may also catch pike or whitefish. You can fish from the shoreline of the lake or a boat, depending on the season and regulations.

The season for fishing in Lower Kananaskis Lake runs from April to October, so plan your visit accordingly. Be sure to wear proper clothing and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable fishing experience.

Ice Skate on the Spray Lakes

During the winter, you can lace up your skates and take a spin around the Spray Lakes amongst the snowy evergreens. It’s an ideal spot for beginner ice skaters, with well-groomed ice and perfect conditions for a safe gliding experience.

Explore the many nature trails around the lake. Or you can even brave up for a game of hockey on the open rink.

Soak in the Mist Mountain Hot Springs

In the winter, the tranquil Mist Mountain Hot Springs offer a relaxing respite from the cold. You can go exploring and discover hidden coves, fish, and rafts in cool rivers.

Stargaze From Any Spot

Kananaskis Country offers the ultimate spot for stargazers. Its night skies make it the ideal destination for those seeking to find new constellations.

With its high elevation and relatively dry climate, the stars seem to sparkle and dance in the night sky. You may even catch a glimpse of meteor showers, the Milky Way, or view planets up close. Just make sure to bring your telescope or borrow one from local astronomical groups that often host star parties.

Go Glamping

Kananaskis Country is an all-season playground and picturesque destination perfect to go glamping.

In summer, the options are limitless. The activities can range from hiking and whitewater rafting to biking and horseback riding. Adventure seekers flock to the area for its stunning landscape and wildlife.

In winter, you can explore the region’s varied terrain on snowshoes, sleds, or skis. Those looking for relaxation can unwind in rustic log cabins. Enjoy the tranquil views of the Rockies with a hot cup of cocoa, or a craft beer from the nearby village.

If you’re a luxury adventure seeker, you can still enjoy some of the best glamping experiences with no expenses spared. You can go glamping in hospitality pods, yurts, and cabins furnished with top-of-the-line amenities.

Visit Kananaskis Country Now

Kananaskis Country provides adventurers for travelers to take part in activities throughout the year. With world-class hiking and skiing along with plenty of other options for year-round fun, it’s an ideal spot for families and nature lovers alike.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your cameras and head to Kananaskis now! Explore the beauty of nature and create fun memories that will last a lifetime.

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